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Love Ukraine

Who we are


We offer accessible mental health & psychosocial support services to Ukrainians affected by the war, through trauma-informed, holistic, & creative approaches.

Our vision is to restore dignity, belonging, & well-being to the soul of Ukraine.


We offer a wide array of support services spanning from support groups, supervision, mentorship, training, workshops, and self-help materials.



We are a collective of dedicated professionally trained mental health clinicians from North America & across Europe.


We invite you into our space with the following values and beliefs

We provide service that is based on individuals’ needs taking into consideration specific characteristics of their ethnic/cultural backgrounds and the current atrocity of war. The connection and community approach is a powerful resource as we need one another to find a sense of restoration.

 We come as we are, professionally, and with humility in all we do. We are honest and sincere in our approach. We are culturally sensitive and meet those we serve with warmth and acceptance.

We aim to provide safety, empathy, and acceptance in all that we do. All are welcome in our space.




 We approach our work from varied perspectives, worldviews, and experiences. Everyone has a story to tell and we learn from being open-minded and accepting of each unique point of view. Our strength is in our diversity, and our team members represent a wide variety of backgrounds, training, and specialties.

We seek to help individuals and collectives to find their own internal resources and to build resilience. We believe in the “help for the helper” model and encourage all we serve to develop the agency to care for themselves so they may also care for those around them.

Our approach is multifaceted, trauma-informed, and holistic. Our methods are grounded in embodied and expressive practices, including exploring the self, body, and mind through the creative arts. We offer an array of techniques and skills and hope to inspire the imagination of groups and individuals to support them in experiencing more contentment, playfulness, and meaning in spite of the terrors surrounding them.




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