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Therapeutic Team

I hold an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the European Graduate School (2020) and a BA in International Communications from American University in Washington, DC (2013). I have a multifaceted practice which includes coaching individual clients through expressive arts, facilitating international projects in conflict zones, and offering trauma competency consulting for organizations and government entities. Emma’s work focuses on the impact of trauma, whether experienced directly or vicariously, utilizing psychoeducation, somatic practices, and the arts as tools for restoration and healing.

My work as an Expressive Arts Therapy practitioner has taken me to conflict zones across the globe from the US to the Middle East to East Africa to Ukraine, sitting in community with those suffering and together working towards a better understanding of trauma and discovering ways of moving towards healing.

Throughout this work I have witnessed both the personal and organizational cost of working in contexts of trauma and human suffering. I am passionate about helping people develop rhythms of care to tend to their own wellbeing in the face of trauma and develop robust values about the necessity of this work. She is also passionate about helping organizations and local governments reimagine themselves in a way that allows them to provide trauma competent care and to sustain wellbeing while working in contexts of suffering. Emma currently consults with the cities of Portland (OR), Chicago, and New Orleans providing training on trauma competency to address challenges in policing and emergency response in the urban core, sees individual clients in private practice, teaches courses, and collaborates on projects in global conflict zones.

I support First Aid of the Soul as a therapeutic facilitator and trainer.

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