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Therapeutic Team

Fialkora is a highly qualified clinical psychologist with a master's degree in Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology from Lviv National University. She possesses extensive clinical experience gained across different regions of Ukraine, where she has been dedicated to addressing a wide range of patient needs. Her expertise includes helping individuals recover from traumatic experiences and grief, fostering interpersonal relationships, identifying life values, achieving personal goals, tapping into inner resources, and more.

Furthermore, Fialkora holds certifications in Brief Solution-Focused Therapy (BSFT) and is a certified master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Master). Her therapeutic approaches are always trauma-informed, emphasizing sensitivity to the psychological impact of trauma on individuals.

She is a professional member of the Society of Systemic Psychotherapy and a member of the National Psychological Association of Ukraine. Fialkora has received specialized training in counseling members of the LGBTQ+ community and individuals with disabilities, which is particularly relevant as she herself deals with multiple sclerosis.

In her practice, Fialkora actively integrates Art Therapy to aid in adaptation and utilizes her extensive training related to trauma and PTSD. She has studied Cue Centered Therapy at Stanford Medical Institute, which further enhances her ability to work with trauma.

Despite currently residing as a refugee in another country, Fialkora maintains a deep connection with her homeland, Ukraine, and its people. Her commitment to providing psychological support and making a positive impact remains unwavering.

Fialkora is a therapeutic team member with FAS.

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