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Therapeutic Team

After a former career as a programmer/analyst in university environmental health research, I am a lifelong artist and musician and a survivor of workplace trauma, graduated in 2014 from Lesley University with a Master's in Expressive Therapy specializing in Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling; I am a board-certified music therapist. I also have over two decades of experience as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor--which informs my ability to counsel regarding the pre-and post-natal transition, parenting and discipline, and child development. During my time at Lesley, I worked with survivors of homicide victims, with traumatized adolescents, and in a hospital for those coping with chronic mental illness. Since 2014, I have gained extensive experience providing expressive and verbal therapies in many clinical settings. My approach to therapy is client-centered and grounded in the concept of truly listening non-judgmentally to clients. I believe this role is that of a compassionate companion in witnessing one’s journey to healing and self-awareness as one attempts to write their own stories.

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