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I am an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addictions Counselor, Certified EMDR Therapist with a demonstrated history of success treating mental health, trauma, Substance Use Disorders. Skilled in Mindfulness, DBT, Counseling Psychology, and Stress Management .with a M.A. focused on Mind/Body Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. Post Graduate training in Family System Therapy at The Seattle Family Institute.

Along with other volunteer therapists, I provided facilitation of a skills/ support group. We worked as a team, providing effective skills, and information and supporting efforts to help people in Ukraine deal with fatigue, and burn-out, develop calm and sustain positive states of mind in the middle of chaos and trauma.

As I watched the unbearable events unfolding, my mind was flooded with images and memories. My parents were survivors of the holocaust and escaped from the Nazis and built a life here in the United States. My Grandfather lost everything, his home and he was imprisoned in Dachau, The war and the Nazis destroyed everything. Despite all my parents created a life here. Moreover, I care deeply about what happens in Ukraine and support the Ukrainian people. I do not believe in “looking away” or pretending we don't see what is being inflicted on the people. If we work together to support Ukraine, we contribute to freedom and liberty for the world.

I was so fortunate to find Nathalie’s (founder) initial outreach on one of my professional websites, someone told me how to apply to be a part of FAS.

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